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Some Important Points

*Common Medical Abbreviations* For More Click. 👉👉 Here 👈👈> *Rx* = Treatment
> *Hx* = History
> *Dx* = Diagnosis
> *q* = Every
> *qd* = Every day
> *qod* = Every other day
> *qh* = Every Hour
> *S* = without
> *SS* = One & half
> *C* = With
> *SOS* = If needed
> *AC* = Before Meals
> *PC* = After meals
> *BID* = Twice a Day
> *TID* = Thrice a Day
> *QID* = Four times a day
> *OD* = Once a Day
> *BT* = Bed Time
> *hs* = Bed Time
> *BBF* = Before Breakfast
> *BD* = Before Dinner
> *Tw* = Twice a week
> *SQ* = sub cutaneous
> *IM* = Intramuscular
> *ID* = Intradermal
> *IV* = Intravenous
> *Q4H* = (every 4 hours)
> *QOD* = (every other day)
> *HS* = (at bedtime)
> *PRN* = (as needed)
> *PO or "per os"* (by mouth)
> *Mg* = (milligrams)
> *Mcg/ug* = (micrograms)
> *G or Gm* = (grams)
> *1TSF* (Teaspoon) = 5 ml
> *1 Tablespoonful* =15ml
~ *DDx* =differential Diagnosis
*Tx* =Treatment
*RTx* =Radiotherapy…

Important nursing Books

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Some Important Test

*✍🏻 High Yield Info :*👌🏻Important Tests :*Mosby's Comprehensive Review of Nursing for the NCLEX-RN Examination*MRP:- 2375 ₹*Discount 35%* by below link*Effective Price 1550 ₹*You Save 825 /-*Link below to Purchase now....*
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1. Adom test - Scoliosis2. Allen test - ABG Analysis3. Aldehyde test - Leprosy4. Phosphate test - Pasteurization5. Patch test - Allergic Reaction6. Tourniquet test - Dengue7. Urea Breath test - H.Pylori8. Schick test - Diphtheria9. Dick test - Scarlet Fever10. Rothers test - Acetone in UrineClick 👉👉 here 👈👈To get Free Book11. Hey test - Bile Salt Urine12. Smith test - Bile Pigment Urine13. Benedict test - Urine Glucose14. Kveim test - Sarcoidosis15. Rinne & Webber test - Hearing16. Direct Coomb test -  Hemolytic Anemia17. Ischiara test - Color Vision test18. Snellen Chart test - Distance Vision19. Confrontation test - Central and Peripheral Vision20. Jegar's type Card test - Near Vision22. Schiling test -  Vitamin B12 Absorpti…

Staff nurse vacancy

👉District Health Society, Garhwa has 51 vacancies🎉Organization Name: District Health Society, GarhwaPost Name: Staff NurseVacancies: 51 PostsQualification: 12TH, GNMExperience : FresherSalary : ₹ 16,564/- Per MonthJob Location: GarhwaSelection Procedure: Written Exam/InterviewLast Date to Apply: 28/01/2019Official Notification:
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Babinski sign types

* HISTORY TODAY IN MEDICINE*             *NOVEMBER* 1⃣7⃣            *Dr. Joseph Babinski* 
      *Nov 17,1857 - Oct 29, 1932*💠French NeurologistHis contributions .... 🔹Babinski was born in Paris and his father was a military officer in Poland. 
🔹Babinski had done his medical studies at the *University of Paris* in 1884. Then he worked under his mentor *Prof. Jean-Martin Charcot* who is known as "The Founder of Modern Neurology" at Salpetriere  Hospital, Paris.
🔹In fact, Dr.Babinski wanted to follow the footsteps of his mentor. Then, he became interested in psychiatric diseases such as *Hysteria* and *Psychosis.* Thereby, he was the first to present about the differential diagnosis criteria for separating hysteria from organic diseases.
🔹Subsequently, Dr. Babinski became a masterly clinician, who devoted himself to the symptomatology of neurology. He was also a most brilliant scientist and his keen intellect led to epoch making discoveries.
🔹Dr.Babinski is best known fo…